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“I now feel much at ease. Also before I wasn’t holding any passports or bits and bobs as well, which Gap HR advised me to do as otherwise we’d get a £20,000 fine, so that was a cracking bit of info!

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Justin Wilkie

“Well, it is like a tap, you can turn it on or off as you require. From a cost perspective, it’s better to do that rather than have a HR person in the company who you’ve got to pay a salary.”

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Chris Hart

Operations Director, AIT
Partnership Group

“Carolyne and her team have given me back time to do my actual job rather than all the HR issues. I want to continue their contract and thankfully we haven’t had to deal with them too much! In terms of supporting me to keep an eye on HR, they are something I definitely want to keep.”

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Susan Dally

Financial Director,

“I can absolutely recommend Gap HR; what impressed us about Carolyne is the way she has tailored her service to our needs, as she has recognized the existing level of expertise within the company and offers help where we have gaps.”

Sue Mason

Business Support Manager,
Artesian Solutions

“The biggest benefit is that Carolyne has a unique talent for making HR interesting and enjoyable through her teaching which takes away all the fear about the subject.”

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Sean Taylor

Director, Ecoclean
Services Ltd

“In the past, we weren’t sure what their rights were or our rights, Carolyne gave us the confidence to make the decisions we needed to make. We made them and knew we were protected by the law.”

Electric Star Logo, HR Services Client

Steve Macri

Operations Director,
Electric Star Ltd

“But I know that when HR law changes, which it invariably does every April, someone qualified is looking at it, reviewing and updating our documentation and advising any “do’s and don’ts” we need to be aware of.”

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Louise Cann

Studio Director, Edge
Architecture & Design Ltd

“Compliant HR services is not something that is a phenomenal gain to the business but what it does for a business owner is take away worry, stress and potential issues”

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David Holland

CEO & Founder, Exela

“What works so well is that I can be quite open in my questions. Then we work out the best solutions between us. So I’ve got some sort of ownership over the outcome.”

hmg law

Kirsten Phipps

“Employment law is a minefield; if you get it wrong it can be very costly, so being able to rely upon an HR professional like Carolyne Wahlen at Gap HR is invaluable.”

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Carol Lailey

Administration Manager,
KCC Basildon

“I would certainly recommend Carolyne and having her and the team at Gap HR available to help with the staffing issues that inevitably crop up is a tremendous weight off my mind and allows me to focus on the business.”


James Ratcliffe

Managing Director,
Homeplay Ltd

“Carolyne and her team are very good, so professional and helpful. We have a prompt response from them if we have a problem and they’re always willing to give me advice and send me off in the right direction.”


Schalk Meyer



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“We use Gap because we need to make sure we always follow the correct procedures. Otherwise it could end up costing us a lot of money. Gap HR provides us with clear, good advice in a timely manner.”

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Robin Whitaker

“We talked it through and Carolyne explained everything to me. We worked through the detail of the response to this former employee and sent it. After that, we never heard back from them again. It was all done and dusted.”

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Keith Myers

Director, The Myers Touch

“We’re happy with what Carolyne’s doing, our annual reviews are good. Hopefully we won’t have too many issues with our people, and hopefully we won’t have to use her that much!”

Opinder Liddar

“I would definitely recommend Gap HR. Don’t muddle through HR it is a minefield and you should get the experts in. They are always going to part of our business; we are growing over the years and as you grow the problems grow and people become more aware of their rights, so you have to do everything in the right order.”

Noveau Solutions

Adele Scott

Facilities Manager,
Noveau Solutions

“There comes a point in every successful business when you realise all you need to know is enough to outsource – you don’t need to be an expert, Carolyne is!”

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Melanie Poynter

“Well, it is like a tap, you can turn it on or off as you require. From a cost perspective, it’s better to do that rather than have a HR person in the company who you’ve got to pay a salary.”

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Alison Bayliss

“I would absolutely recommend Gap HR. Carolyne is on the ball, she keeps up to date with things, she simplifies the whole thing- it’s not this huge weight hanging over your head; she just takes it and does it and gives it to you.”

Core2Store Logo, HR Services Client

Frankie Butterworth

“They respond quickly, and the issues she has helped us with have been resolved with no comeback at a later stage. As far as we are concerned we are very satisfied.”

CPrint Logo, HR Services Clienet

Alison Russell

“I sometimes get approached by people asking for business coaching. I appear to have fallen into that role. If they are looking for HR services, I often recommend they use Gap HR because I am that confident in what they do.”

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Sara Cheeney

“Gap HR simply do what they say they will do. We’ve had a couple of incidents and both of these have been dealt with satisfactorily and with a minimum of fuss.”

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Colin Reed

Director, Stirrups Hotel

“I’m very satisfied with Gap HR. They’re efficient and I know they are there if I need to call them about anything. And touch wood there haven’t been any further issues.”

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Co-Owner, Stephan
Langton Inn

“The staff at Gap HR, are knowledgeable, friendly, and cheery. We will continue to work with Gap HR simply because it makes sense, one less thing I have to worry about for very little investment a month.”

Steve Meier

Owner and Director,
TipsTrade Ltd

“It is having the support of someone who knows what they’re doing to tell us what we need to do and what is the correct procedure. It is having somebody at the other end of the phone to guide us.”

Deb Green

Owner, Vermatech Pest Control

“We’re very happy with Gap HR. They offer a great service that’s there when we need it.”

Workplace Logo

Alison Beal

HR Officer, Workplace Solutions

“I would absolutely recommend Carolyne; I simply cannot imagine how can sleep easily without having someone like Gap HR on hand to steer your HR. Such an expert is invaluable and not just for the HR advice, but think of the opportunity cost of handling HR by yourself?!”


Chris Brownlee

“We mainly use them for issues related to employment for people who possibly want to leave us or of if we want to get rid of them. With the high quality and low price of the service, Gap HR is perfect for us.”

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Wayne Gilholm

Managing Director, Xcel Concepts

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