Corsair Toiletries

Corsair Toiletries are a company who specialise in the design, manufacture and sale of licensed branded toiletries. Having worked in partnership with the likes of Disney, Marvel, Universal and Warner Brothers, they realise the importance of maintaining quality, both in terms of their products and their staff. However, Corsair’s Managing Director, Alison Bayliss, also recognises the importance of having a personal touch when involved in big business.corsair international logo

“We were with the NatWest mentor scheme, and you didn’t really get to speak to the same person. With Carolyne and her colleagues, you speak to someone who knows your case and you personally. She gives us a personal touch which is brilliant.”

“I find that HR is very sensitive and it’s difficult talking to a stranger, trying to put what you need to say across. Talking to someone who has been to see you is much easier. Carolyne was able to help me a lot more.”

“We haven’t had many cases, but when we have, I’ve been able to go straight to her and she’s dealt with it straight away.”

“We were having to make people redundant who had worked with us for some time, we had to close a whole warehouse down, so it was quite hard to lay these people off. We wanted to be fair to them and to the company, so everyone got what they were entitled to, and Gap HR handled it all very sensitively.”

“I haven’t time to sit and talk about everything. Carolyne is great at getting things sorted by email and doing it quickly, getting it sent to the person concerned and making my life easier!”

“Carolyne offers to come in if I need her to sort a situation out. We’re quite a small office and all friendly with each other, so it’s hard to put across to the employees what I need when you’re friends and it’s something work related. I bring in Carolyne and she can put it so they know it’s the law and not personal.”

“We haven’t had any major issues, we tinker along quite nicely and don’t cause her too much trouble! She’s always there if I need her, which is a comfort for me, because these days things can get out of hand if nobody’s there to help.”

“We employ fifteen people, and I think with something like this every company should have someone like Carolyne to support them, because you’re quite on your own as an HR person. It’s nice to have someone there who knows what the laws are, to back you up, because they change so often.”


Alison Bayliss
Managing Director
Corsair Toiletries

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