ace 4 kebabs logo“I told our auditor we need some support on HR, someone to give an overview of what was required, so that I knew we were complying with legislation in terms of the employees, because we have quite a few foreign staff as well. So I wanted to make sure our employee files were as they should be.”

“I appointed Gap HR when I got here. There was no formal structure in place, if they had a problem they would go to a solicitor. I’m an accountant by qualification and tried to handle some of it myself. I soon realised that I didn’t have enough technical knowledge, although I had a fair bit, and I didn’t have the time. I had to find someone who could pick up the pieces.”

“So I spoke with Carolyne and said we have lots of bits of paperwork here, I’d like you to come here and review them. She came over and for a few hours went through everything, essentially gave me a checklist to tell me what did and didn’t need to be on the file.”

“The biggest issues they’ve helped me with are dismissals, with regard to one employee’s bad attendance and turning up worse for wear. They helped us progress through that procedure, and then when I was on holiday another employee had to be dismissed.”

“I had the staff here on site, link up with Carolyne, and she sent them a guidance list on how to deal with it whilst I was away. Even in my absence, Gap HR supported other members of my staff to deal with this.”

“It’s given me back time to do accounts, which is what I came here to do! It has relieved me of HR duties to some degree, as I still handle some of it, but I know Gap HR are there should I need anything done, such as last week when I asked them to get me a draft contract for a new employee. I simply sent the specific details over and they just sent me the contract through!”

“Carolyne and her team have given me back time to do my actual job rather than all the HR issues. I want to continue their contract and thankfully we haven’t had to deal with them too much! In terms of supporting me to keep an eye on HR, they are something I definitely want to keep.”
Susan Dally
Financial Director

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