How and where products are stocked in the supermarket can have a real impact on how successful a business is and Core2Store crunches the data to find the best-selling positioning to improve the bottom line. They must be doing it right as the company is growing, hence the need for HR as Finance Director Frankie Butterworth explains:

“Gap HR was recommended to us by the Federation of Small Businesses; well the lady I was speaking to was offering several companies but let slip that they’d needed somebody for HR and they used Carolyne. To be fair I sort of tend to question my way through them and say “oh yes, are you experienced in this sort of thing?’ and that’s when they confirmed it really should be Gap HR!

“Core2Store needed HR because although we used to have a lot of employees when we had a field team, that had gradually petered off. Then as we grew again, focusing on data, we knew we needed new contracts. Those that were with us had had old contracts that were relevant at the time, but as we were going to start employing again it was blatantly obvious that with so much legislation that was going through we needed to have new contracts from Gap HR. It brought everything up to date.

“We needed somebody to give advice; once you start to employ people you need professional advice.

“Gap HR brought all our contracts and handbook up to date. So we’re meeting legislation- it helps employees as well because they know that actually you’re keeping an eye on what’s going on, and they have somebody to talk to as well. We encourage them to speak to Gap HR if they have any issues. They appreciate that and they know that they’re getting good advice, professional advice, and it’s up to date.

Well, touch wood, we haven’t had to call on Gap HR for any issues or crises so far, but the mere fact that they remind you about things whether or not you ask, tends to mean you avoid the problems.

“I want to avoid a claim, absolutely. I have been there. Fortunately now we have cover – I can sleep at night, knowing I’ve got good people behind me.

“I used to make effort to keep up with legislation and case law, what was going on. But now I don’t need to because I’ve got somebody there that I know will be on the ball. And also, of course, she can bring expertise from things that other clients have experienced. We’re getting the benefit of everybody else’s mistakes!

“I would absolutely recommend Gap HR. Carolyne is on the ball, she keeps up to date with things, she simplifies the whole thing- it’s not this huge weight hanging over your head; she just takes it and does it and gives it to you. And then when there’s something that you don’t understand, her team talk to you in simple terms and it just all makes sense. They take all of the gobbledygook and rubbish out of it, and you think, “Okay, this is do-able.”

“And we’ve told loads of people about her brilliant book!”


Frankie Butterworth, Financial Director

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