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Club HR provides expert Employment Law and HR Advice to private member clubs on an outsourcing basis: so you can get on with running your club while we do all the HR work!

We help you protect your organisation so that if it goes pear-shaped, you have all the options to deal with the situation. And stay legal.

We’ve been keeping you tribunal free since 2003!

Club HR works with private member clubs to make sure that you’re protected from spurious claims from challenging employees. We keep you legally compliant, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your members and staff (who are performing well)! You will always have an up-to-date contract and handbook – Club HR makes sure that you deal with staff issues efficiently and stay out of an employment tribunal.

Hi, I’m Carolyne Wahlen

I founded Club HR with the express aim of offering expert HR services support to private member clubs that do not need an in-house HR Manager.

All initial inquiries with Club HR are free of charge. We want to make it easy for you to get the best advice possible when it comes to employment law and dealing with challenging employees.




Call The HR Services and Employment Law Specialists Now

We will help you choose the right level of support. In our Tribunal Audit meeting we can quickly help you:

  • See where potential staff issues are in your business
  • Highlight any gaps or illegalities in your employee contracts and handbook
  • Create an action plan to deal with the nightmare scenario

Bar HR

“To tick the box”

Lounge HR

“To deal with every day staff issues

Private Room HR

“To deal with ongoing and potential staff issues proactively”

Employment contract template updated

tick tick tick

Employee handbook updated

tick tick tick

Unlimited legal updates, including annual handbook update

tick tick tick

Unlimited email support

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Unlimited telephone support

tick tick

Unlimited Zoom calls

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Unlimited documentation

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Site visits or formal Zoom meetings (disciplinaries, grievance, redundancy etc)

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Formal Zoom meetings (disciplinaries, grievance, redundancy etc)




On-site visits




Daily cost of package

Less than a Disney+ subscription

Less than a Netflix subscription

Less than a Spotify Family package

Have a Question? Get in touch below...

    If you are an employee and feel that you have been treated badly, then we strongly advise you to contact ACAS:

    Call the ACAS Helpline on 0300 123 1100 for free support and advice.

    Simply get in touch and they'll provide you with clear and confidential guidance about any kind of dispute or query that you have about relationship issues within the workplace.

    You may want to know about employment rights and rules, best practice or you may need advice about a dispute.

    Whatever it is, just give ACAS a call, their team are on hand to respond within the hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm and Saturday, 9am-1pm.

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