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Opinder Liddar, Director, lapd architects

"Carolyne is straight down the line with her advice – no wooliness and cuts to the chase. She has a great understanding of our company and our employees enabling us to implement rigorous HR throughout."

Steve Meier, Owner and Director, Tipstrade Ltd

“The staff at Gap HR, are knowledgeable, friendly, and cheery. We will continue to work with Gap HR simply because it makes sense, one less thing I have to worry about for very little investment a month.”

Frankie Butterworth, Financial Director, Storecheck Marketing

“I would absolutely recommend Gap HR. Carolyne is on the ball, she keeps up to date with things, she simplifies the whole thing- it’s not this huge weight hanging over your head; she just takes it and does it and gives it to you. And then when there’s something that you don’t understand, her team talk to you in simple terms and it just all makes sense. They take all of the gobbledygook and rubbish out of it, and you think, “Okay, this is do-able.”

Robin Whitaker, Office Manager, Koettermann

"We use Gap because we need to make sure we always follow the correct procedures. Otherwise it could end up costing us a lot of money. Gap HR provides us with clear, good advice in a timely manner. They ensure we stay professional and focused and they listen carefully to our situation and what we need to implement."

HR Services To Keep You Tribunal Free!

You decide the level of support you need! You might only need someone to act as a sounding board for how to resolve issues. On the other hand, you might have one department with high staff turnover and constant disciplinaries – that will require a lot more support and guidance.

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Gap HR’s Founder Carolyne Wahlen

"I’ll get YOU back on course and keep you tribunal free! Guaranteed. I’d love to come and meet you to talk about how I can prevent the stress and hassle of an employment tribunal case. Call me on 01491 598 600 and ask me any question you have."