Bluebell Physiotherapy

Bluebell Physiotherapy is an award winning business with eight centres across the South East and the owner Melanie Poynter has ambitious plans for the future, all of which makes getting the HR right more vital than ever, as she explains:

Bluebell Physio“I met Carolyne at a time when the business had grown enough to be throwing up employment issues and I remember saying: ‘I need to speak to you!’ I had some challenges with staff and I said it was probably me not them! What I knew was I needed help understanding whether I could manage them to a better place… or out of the door.

“She was really helpful and suggested setting up Bluebell Physiotherapy with the basic package so we could address contracts and the company handbook. I was pleased and could see how we could work together.

“Almost straight away I was glad I had Gap HR on hand. A senior member of staff went away on holiday and during that time I discovered concerns about them were actually founded on some serious issues and was able to turn to Carolyne who was categorical – ‘suspend them’.

“I was certainly thrown in the deep end and I had Gap HR throwing me a lifeline. I know I would have prevaricated and while I knew something was wrong I did not fully recognise how serious it was and I certainly would not have know what to do; Carolyne did.

“Honestly, it was one of the worst times I’ve had in business; it was like a whirlwind, from concern about a member of staff’s conduct through to a full blown event. It was awful and I hate to think what would have happened without Gap HR. Every business needs a Carolyne at a time like this and she gave me the confidence to say ‘enough’ and to tackle the problem.

“It was a complex problem too and Carolyne was able to navigate a course that led to a mutually agreeable outcome that saw the member of staff leave Bluebell. It was a nightmare, but we came out the other side and naturally I simply opened another four clinics to move forward!”

“Now there is peace of mind on a day to day basis; having someone I can call with any issues or questions while she is proactive ensuring we are kept up to date with employment legislation.

“We’ve been with Gap HR for some two years now and there has absolutely been a saving by being proactive, but for me it helped me to realise that I do not need to be able to do everything. There comes a point in every successful business when you realise all you need to know is enough to outsource – you don’t need to be an expert, Carolyne is!

“She is not a learning resource – well, she could be certainly knows enough! However a strong business should recognise when it needs an expert to actually deliver. I’m a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and they offer free advice as a part of membership and they’ve got great advisers who will give you great advice… but then what? You still have to implement that advice, but with Gap HR you have an expert who will step up and I would recommend Gap HR to any businesses who want to manage their staff properly.

Melanie Poynter, Directory, Bluebell Physiotherapy

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