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Read through all of Gap HR’s documents about contracts. When issuing a contract, it is important to always remember that you cannot make an employee sign away their rights. A contract is a document designed to let employees know what they are entitled to, but not to change their statutory rights. You can schedule a tribunal audit with Carolyne using this link to review your contract – and make sure you don’t end up in tribunal!


  • 1 Month Notice Period UK - Does a 1 month notice period still apply after 8 years?  No, is the quick answer to that. In the first month of employment, notice can be immediate on both sides. Their notice period After the first month, it has to increase to one week on both sides. You can keep the notice period at ... Read more
  • If They Don’t Have A Written Contract, What Holiday Pay Do I Have To Pay? - If They Don’t Have A Written Contract, What Holiday Pay Do I Have To Pay? If you’ve got workers who don’t have a written employment contract, there’s a few questions you probably have. It all comes back to what their rights are when it comes to employment law. But when it comes to holidays, what’s ... Read more
  • Is it illegal to work without a contract in the UK? - Is it illegal to work without a contract in the UK? No, not at all – any worker can work without a contract in the UK. However, you may want to think twice before not issuing a contract As an employer, a contract is the one piece of legal documentation that allows you to control ... Read more
  • What rights do zero hours or casual workers have? - A zero hours worker or casual worker is an employee that works for you, who does not have fixed hours in the working week. As far as you, the business owner is concerned, they act like a tap that you can bring in whenever you need the extra help during the week. 5 Quick facts ... Read more
  • How Lucrative Is Stealing Client Data – Is It THAT Bad? - Most of us have a non-compete and confidentiality clause in the contract reminding employees that the data they work with is confidential and not to be taken outside of the company (if you don’t, give me a call!). However, if you do have an ex-employee who you discover has taken your client data to a rival ... Read more
  • Can I make them work their notice? - Short answer to this is no (sorry, know you didn’t want to hear that!). They may have stormed out after a row. They may have calmly handed in their notice once their pay was on their bank account. But as far as they’re concerned, it’s over. You could try and get them to stay with ... Read more
  • Tales of an HR Consultancy Expert – Day 25: Check the DBS number! - When you employ a new person, it is important to check references. All you are looking for is confirmation that they really did work for that company as stated on their CV. More than that is unrealistic to expect nowadays. But what else do you need to have? In addition to the usual references, sometimes ... Read more
  • Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 24: Professional negligence?! - Professional negligence?! I do tribunal audits on employment contracts and handbooks so that the company knows what needs to be updated, how much risk they are at, and whether the documents are really “fit for purpose”. Once they have that knowledge, they can make an informed decision about whether they will be updating their paperwork ... Read more
  • Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 21: Another happy client! - KCC Basildon is a Korean-owned manufacturer of silicone compounds, antifoams and emulsions. I started working with them on my HR Navigator package. Their line managers were good on the soft skills of managing, but unsure on the details of employment law. So we spent the next 12 months tightening up on exactly how to deal ... Read more
  • Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 20: Overtime doesn’t earn holiday! - Overtime doesn’t count towards holiday entitlement – or does it? The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decided on 4 November 2014 that any overtime worked does count towards an employee’s holiday entitlement. Yikes! What does that actually mean? It means that if you have in their contracts that they work 20 hours a week, and they ... Read more

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