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Workplace Solutions is a Berkshire-based firm that provides buildings management support, cleaning, security and other services. Before hiring Gap HR, the company had been doing its own HR but only sparingly.

Alison Beal the HR Officer at Workplace Solutions takes up the story.

“Prior to me coming to the company, there wasn’t a lot being done in terms of HR. One of the directors was overseeing some of it. I arrived to do the HR administration/payroll. So, I looked after some aspects but not everything.”

“Among the potential issues were the possibility of account management going down the wrong track and worries about not applying employment law in the right way which could lead to problems later on if staff were to complain.”

One of the biggest concerns was that the employee handbook hadn’t been updated which is a business necessity as it informs staff members about what is expected of them. If employee issues arise that require disciplinary action it is essential that you can demonstrate they were made aware of policies, procedures and their responsibilities and duties.

When Gap HR was engaged the employee handbook was one of the first things they tackled.

“They now handle our employee handbook on a yearly basis, update our policies and deal with new office staff and our account managers who are out and about.”

Prior to outsourcing human resources to Gap HR, Workplace was hit by two employment tribunal cases which Carolyne Wahlen and her team helped them to safely navigate.

“They were with us from the start to the end. So, from whenever letters came in from individuals via their solicitors right through to the end results of the tribunal.”

Gap HR is helping in other ways too.

“We use their telephone service for when our account managers are out and about, and they need questions answered regarding individuals. They can ring up and get the answers they need.

“I’ve also attended a couple of workshops that Carolyne has undertaken with our account managers updating them on changes in employment law regarding sickness and working time directives and what they can and cannot do out in the field.

“We’re very happy with Gap HR. They offer a great service that’s there when we need it.”


Alison Beal

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