Outsourcing HR Can Be the Smartest Decision a Business Makes

Unless your company is staffed completely by robots, you need HR.  Along with putting people on the payroll come a whole host of responsibilities.  Among them are legal compliance, which is being on top of the many laws that govern how companies manage their employees.  This covers such important areas as safety in the work place, holiday entitlement, sick pay, redundancy and minimum wage requirements.

The tendency of many new ventures is to go it alone and handle their own HR, but it is a complex job that can take time away from growing and developing the business.  When pest control experts Vermatech Pest Control started out, owner Deb Green looked after HR as well as her many other roles.
“It was difficult, because I was doing lots of other things as well.  Trying to designate enough time to keep up with changes in legislation and make sure the employment contracts were correct.   I didn’t even know there was a company like Gap who would help small companies.”

“We were looking for a small company, somebody who would know who we were, and she’s local and she seemed a nice person. We felt we could work with Carolyne.”
Outsourcing HR allows Deb to focus on her core business while receiving expert help, advice and guidance on tap when it is needed.

“It is having the support of someone who knows what they’re doing to tell us what we need to do and what is the correct procedure.  It is having somebody at the other end of the phone to guide us.”

Deb Green
Vermatech Pest Control

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