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xcel concepts logoWhen it comes to negotiating or renegotiating salary with employers, reaching an agreement on the appropriate amount is often a sticking point.  The process can be a worrying and anxious time for both parties.  Employers often have a figure or a range in mind, conscious that they must operate within their budget. 

There is plenty of advice and lots of online and other resources out there for employees and new hires to negotiate a higher salary.  But what help is available to employers?  How can they avoid losing a valuable employee and get a deal that is both good for the individual and the company?

That was one of the issues facing Wayne Gilholm, the Managing Director of Xcel Concepts LLP, an import and export company from Wembley.  So he turned to Gap HR when he needed help to renegotiate an employee’s salary.

“One of the trickiest issues we had was renegotiating someone’s salary to a different amount.  We needed to go about this the right way as well as dealing with this employee’s request to work away from the office.”

Employee compensation is one of the hottest topics around.  An employee who is satisfied with their salary and sees it as a fair reward for their endeavours will tend to be more motivated and will work harder.  Those who feel they are getting a bad deal may just view their company as a temporary employer which can be counterproductive for management.  Fortunately, in this case Carolyne was on hand to deal with all concerns.

“Carolyne gave me direct answers to all my questions, which is what was needed, and the way she did it was very good.”

The net result of following her advice was both a happy employee and a contented employer.

“We had a very good resolution with this.  We sent an email to this employee, gave her the new contract and she signed it.”

Wayne has been in business for many years, but when he first started out, HR services were something he thought he didn’t need.  This is common among SMEs who don’t understand the benefits or feel that their small enterprise doesn’t require formal HR systems, processes and policies.  That is until something happens, such as a former employee taking them to a tribunal for a claim for unfair dismissal.  Fortunately, such a disaster didn’t befall Wayne.  He came to realise the many advantages of outsourcing HR services.

“There wasn’t one single event that led me to using a HR company.  But as we got bigger we knew that we must have HR in place.”

Gap HR isn’t the first human resources company that Wayne has worked with, but he now makes use of them for a number of different issues.

“We mainly use them for issues related to employment for people who possibly want to leave us or of if we want to get rid of them.   With the high quality and low price of the service, Gap HR is perfect for us.”

Wayne Gilholm

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