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TipsTrade“I dealt with any HR issues by myself on a case by case basis. We really didn’t have that many staff. When taking on more staff as the company grew, we thought we’d better get some professional advice, as opposed to just me working on it. So we contacted Carolyne and her team at Gap HR.”

“We were a very small company and actually most of our day to day business work, well it was all very friendly, because all of our staff are our friends essentially, and this meant we would always have an understanding with them all.”

“But now that we are growing as a company we have to take on people who we don’t know, so I realised this way of working without formal documentation wasn’t appropriate anymore.”

“That’s why we needed something more professional instead, so we decided to look into it. Thankfully we’ve never actually had any problems so it was never really an issue. But obviously it’s best to be prepared, so we thought we had better get some cover in place before it ever became a problem.”

“Gap HR was recommended to us by our accountants. They said Carolyne was wonderfully forceful and would make sure I did what I was supposed to!”

“I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to paperwork, but my accountants told me that Carolyne and her team would look after me because they’ll make me actually do the stuff rather than just putting it off at the bottom of my inbox!”

“We needed some employment contracts and a company handbook, as they weren’t in place previously. It’s gone beautifully. They followed up with plenty of phone calls to make sure we got everything done, that’s mostly what it’s about.”

“The staff at Gap HR, are knowledgeable, friendly, and cheery. We will continue to work with Gap HR simply because it makes sense, one less thing I have to worry about for very little investment a month.”

Steve Meier
Owner and Director
Tipstrade Ltd

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