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2 Excel Logistics are a Hertfordshire company who provide logistics and road haulage services across the country and throughout Europe. When their Managing Director Justin Wilkie arrived at the company, he realised the HR side of the business needed a lot of work.

“I took over the company in November last year and it seemed to me, that before that, the contracts were just being pulled off the internet and given out. For me, that was on my radar to get the business where it should be, which is why I then joined Gap HR to get everything in line and done properly.”

2Excel Logistics Logo“I wanted to get the contracts of employment for my staff and the proper company handbook, as although we had one I feel it was again bits that we’d pulled off the internet and pasted together, so it wasn’t a proper one.”

“It was a big worry for me because you never know if you’re doing anything right, in the correct terminology, so Gap HR were recommended to me by one of the shareholders here who uses them in another company.”

“Initially I had the issue of getting contracts of employment out, and I asked for a letter to be done to a chap who I’d sacked, which the girls kindly did for me, as he’d taken over his allocated holiday.”

“I wasn’t sure how to go along that route to get it back, but they’ve given me advice on that. As a result it’s become evident I wasn’t correct in trying to seek it back anyway, so they’ve helped me to learn from that and move on.”

“Now when I take staff on I can let your girls know and get the contracts done for them. I was naively thinking you didn’t have to actually issue a contract in the first year. It’s become evident that this chap who was with us for three months was entitled to more than I thought he was, so it was very eye opening!”

“I now feel much at ease. Also before I wasn’t holding any passports or bits and bobs as well, which Gap HR advised me to do as otherwise we’d get a £20,000 fine, so that was a cracking bit of info!
“So we then joined the government scheme to pay online to hold people’s confidential files, and she advised me on that as well. Basically now I’ve got loads of files all locked away and I feel we’re where we should be. It’s brilliant, really, really good and easy for me to do.”

“I see it being a long and fruitful relationship for both parties.”

Justin Wilkie
Managing Director – 2 Excel Logistics

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