Matthew Lindsay, Mi Pa Ltd

“Gap HR have been absolutely brilliant for us! We have felt extremely supported and it’s brought great peace of mind. The team give great advice over the phone, and explain things in a clear, concise way so it’s both easy to digest and . Knowing that Gap HR is just an email or call away … Read more

Amos Teshuva, WalkUp

“Carolyne and the team are awesome, we couldn’t recommend them more highly. They’re not only experts who will give you clear direction but they are reliable, down to earth and someone you can trust which meant a lot for us!”

Chantal Cornelius, Owner, Appletree Marketing Ltd.

“Carolyne looks after all my HR needs and has put together a handbook and contract for all my staff; every month we talk through a different issue and she keeps me up to date with everything I need to know.”

James Butler, Owner, Painless Business

“Carolyne was ideal in providing HR advice and all the correct paperwork for my first hire of a member of staff. Affordable but detailed, and attentive. Perfect for the smaller business who wants their HR done, properly, without spending a fortune.”

Steve Bradford, Managing Director, Koettermann

“Earlier this year we had a major problem with a senior Director stealing from our Company. This was a very delicate situation and Carolyne helped us overcome the situation step by step. Through her help and advice we managed to dismiss the man at no cost to the Company, whilst complying with the law all … Read more

Carol Lailey, Administration Manager, KCC Basildon Chemicals

“Since starting work with Carolyne at Gap HR (on the HR Navigator package), we are all reaping the benefit of her knowledge and advice. The monthly training for managers/supervisors/team leaders is extremely positive on all fronts and there has been excellent feedback from the participants in the one-to-one and group sessions. This is a very … Read more

David Cullum, Managing Director, ESL Agmet Ltd

“ESL Europe approached Carolyne of GAP HR in July 2011 when we realised we needed professional help to update our Employee Appraisal system. Carolyne worked closely with our senior management to introduce a new system, train our managers and monitor our progress. As part of the training, Carolyne sat in on the real-life appraisal sessions … Read more

Philip Hoppenbrouwers, Owner and Managing Director, ASD Learning

“After several years of trading, we reluctantly realised we needed more HR support to expand our business further. Gap HR, both Carolyne and Sue, have been an invaluable source of expert Employment Law advice. We have a complex working system and they helped us create contracts which reflected the needs of the business, protected the … Read more

Cat Young, Owner, Solve the Web

“Carolyne Wahlen of Gap HR stepped in when we had an urgent recruitment need. But her help went above and beyond that immediate need. She was able to help us advertise & interview candidates; created our employee contracts; reviewed our induction process and has continued to provide invaluable advice and support as our business has … Read more

Robert Hunter, Commercial Director of Scribbles Studio

“Scribbles Studio has been working with Gap HR for 5 years. Since joining the business as our HR consultant, Carolyne has always proved to be a reliable, informative and trusted asset to the company, always providing first class advice on all aspects of employment law and steering the business through the highs and lows of … Read more

David Cullum, Financial Director, Agmet ESL Europe

“Gap HR is always readily available with appropriate advice. Carolyne is not afraid to confront difficult issues. She has a great sense of humour (very important when dealing with people). She understands how small businesses work, and has an entrepreneurial spirit so will understand how you feel about your business. Can’t row for toffees but … Read more

Anirudh Deshpande, HR Director, Mastek

“Carolyne listens to the client needs carefully and only recommends the most effective and optimum solution to a given problem. She is prompt on delivery and results focused – something anyone would strongly value.”

Ash Taylor, Director, Ash Taylor Tennis

“I’ve been working with Gap HR for 2 years now and they have become my “go to” one stop phone call for all things employee related. Carolyne is clearly an expert in her field and have found her to be an invaluable member of my team.”

Will Baker, Director, White Rose Automotive

“I like to work with you over any other HR consultant because you’re always there to help and advise, so I never really have to worry about HR issues cos I know you’ll handle it or tell me what to do which gives enormous peace of mind.”

Tracy Rawlinson, Club Manager, Warrington Golf Club

“As a small business, it is not always cost effective to employ a HR Manager and Gap HR provided that solution. They take the time to understand the needs of your business and the people you employ so they are much more than just a HR Consultancy. I very much feel as if Gap HR … Read more

Steven Foster, Director, Axis Parcel Service

“We use you because we get full on personal attention back up with good value for money. Also you guys offer a very sympathetic edge to problems that the big corporate HR companies can’t deliver nor understand.”

Opinder Liddar, Director, lapd architects

“Carolyne is straight down the line with her advice – no wooliness and cuts to the chase. She has a great understanding of our company and our employees enabling us to implement rigorous HR throughout.”

Raj Deokar, Director – Anita’s Beauty Centre

“The staff employment contracts they prepare are watertight. They review existing contracts, find out what is missing and then prepare them so nobody can question them. This gives us the feeling that if we follow everything, nothing will go wrong. Now if anything were to happen I wouldn’t take any action without consulting Gap HR. … Read more

Sue Mason, Business Support Manager, Artesian Solutions

“HR plays a lesser part of my day to day duties; this is where Carolyne and her team prove to be invaluable. I am able to speak readily to them on the phone, bouncing ideas and gleaning information, enabling me to rapidly come to decisions knowing that they are both legal and sensible. Carolyne’s broad … Read more

Jean-Henri Beukes, Director, Ecocleen Services

“Being in regular contact with an HR expert gives us confidence when dealing with staff. She is very happy to front up situations and find solutions in a straight and fair way.”

Ian Watling, MD, KCC Basildon Chemicals

“Since starting work with Gap HR, we are all reaping the benefit of Carolyne’s knowledge and advice. This is a very valuable service, helping us to empower our line managers, nip staff issues in the bud and stay legal!”

Susan Dally, Financial Director, Ace4Kebabs

“Carolyne and her team have given me back time to do my actual job rather than all the HR issues. In terms of supporting me to keep an eye on HR, they are something I definitely want to keep”.

David Cullum, Managing Director, ESL Agmet

“ESL Europe approached Gap HR Services when we realised we needed professional help to update our Employee Appraisal system. Carolyne worked closely with our senior management to introduce a new system, train our managers and monitor our progress. She has been a great source of knowledge of HR best practice and an inspiration.”

Tim Williamson, Director, Key Lets Ayrshire

“Real help when it’s really needed. Carolyne and the team are always there to support and guide us through the morass of UK employment laws. Knowing they are there at our side makes a difference in us successfully managing our employees. We highly recommend them.”

Terran Churcher, Director, Codegate Ltd

“We started working with Carolyne Wahlen in January 2009. Back then we employed 19 staff and like many small businesses were paying insufficient attention to Employment Law and the need for compliance. Now over ten years later, we are 27 people and have been guided by Gap HR throughout the journey. Friendly, attentive, prompt, all … Read more

Chris Hart, Operations Director, AIT Partnership Group Ltd

“I have been using the services of Gap HR for many years now. They are extremely proficient in the services they offer and the advice that they give. It is very reassuring to know that our HR policies and procedures are underpinned by the company with an in-depth knowledge of HR and many years’ experience … Read more

Steve Macri, Operations Director, Electric Star Ltd

“With the underperforming members of staff, Carolyne was able to create a map for us. She told us ‘You need to have this discussion with them and put this in writing and give them this deadline. And if this doesn’t happen then your rights are this’. She gave us the confidence to have tricky conversations … Read more

Anneliese Cameron, Co-Owner, Stephen Langton Inn

“What I needed to be sure of was that there would be no comeback afterward. I had an initial conversation with Carolyne which was very helpful. She guided me through what we could say safely. We had the meeting with the employee and it was all fine. Part of the advice was to offer this … Read more

Diana Hathaway, McNeills Fine Food & Rose Industries Ltd

“We have been working with the Gap HR team since last summer when we turned to them in an hour of need! We would like to thank them for all their calm, professional, efficient support to help us get our requirements in place, and move forward in a professional manner.”

John Nelson, Director, Nelson Wash and Glasswashing Ltd

“I placed a high value on the knowledge and advice provided by Carolyne and her team prior to the Covid-19 crisis, however, the guidance and support we have received during this difficult time has made me realise the true value of this knowledge. I would highly recommend GAP HR to anyone, for both the good … Read more

Patrick Reynolds, Head of Operations, Neotas Ltd

“We have been using Gap HR’s Services as our HR partners for several of years. The level of service we have received has been excellent. The Team are very responsive and has a wealth of knowledge. We would highly recommend Gap HR.”

Stuart Duff, Head of Development, Pearn Kandola LLP

“We have worked with Carolyne and her team for the past year, gaining HR specialist advice on a range of topics. They have all been invaluable in sharing knowledge and experience, particularly in handling rapidly changing HR policies related to furlough and COVID-19. Their regular weekly clinics are an excellent way to catch up and … Read more

Will Cairns

It has been great working with Gap HR, their guidance has helped immensely with the day to day running of the business. The whole team are extremely responsive and knowledgeable which makes the experience a pleasurable one.

Jeff Wicks

Great support from the whole team. The knowledge, advice and support that Gap HR give is second to none. They give me the confidence to know that i am doing the right thing. 👍

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