What is a tribunal audit?

tribunal audit is a no obligation service which explores whether your organisation is at risk.

  • Review of your current practices using the risk assessment “traffic lights” system
  • Discuss current or potential staff issues
  • Create an action plan going forward to protect your business and minimise your risk

All we need are the contract and handbook in advance of the meeting. We usually do the meeting on the phone.

We will discuss packages as part of our conversation (for the last 5 minutes!).

Don’t worry about costs though – be aware that your organisation could be protected from staff issues for less than half the cost of a one day Travelcard, per day!

If you would like to go ahead, please just reply to this email and attach the contracts and handbook.

How can I schedule a tribunal audit?

The easiest way is to use the link below. Otherwise, you can send me an email on cw@gaphr.co.uk or call us on 01491 598 600.

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