How do I protect my business when it comes to workers and holiday pay?

If you’re unsure what you need to pay workers who don’t have a written contract, you should review your situation now. The best way is to speak to us and get solid employment contracts in place. The potential penalties and costs are significant and it’s not worth taking any risks when it comes to employment … Read more

What if I need staff to work on bank holidays?

You can just give your staff 28 days holiday, with no entitlement to paid bank holidays off. This is the best way to go if you need cover 7 days a week and have your staff working shifts, as is usual in hospitality and leisure. If they want a bank holiday off, and they are rota’d to work, … Read more

How do I know if they’re entitled to holiday pay?

All workers are entitled to holiday pay. That includes employees, agency workers, casual workers, apprentices and zero-hours workers. In fact, even if someone is classed as self-employed, they might still be a worker. If they do the work themselves and there’s nobody else to do it (no right of substitution), they’re a worker, and if … Read more

My employee resigned, but now she is suing me for unfair dismissal

The employee had resigned and then said that as she was intending to move up north, and things hadn’t been finalized, could she stay on till the end of term (this was in a preschool). My client agreed (this was before I was advising her, I hasten to add) because she was having trouble finding a replacement. This … Read more

When your employee resigns

When your employee resigns This might be a relief or a pain in the neck. For a resignation to be valid, it needs to be in writing. If the resignation is straightforward, with just “I am hereby giving you notice“, then you just need to – acknowledge the resignation. – work out their last working day. … Read more

What is a CRB check? How do I get CRB checks for my employees?

It really depends on what job you are recruiting for. If you are making them complete a CRB check in the first place, then we can assume that it is necessary, or a legal requirement for the job. Why else would you go through the hassle of getting one done? What is a CRB check for? To … Read more

Will A Pregnant Employee Be Off For 15 Months?

Maternity Pay And Leave – Maternity Rights for Employees A pregnant employee is entitled to 52 weeks of maternity leave in the UK. She also has the right to return to a comparable job on similar terms and conditions if she takes the full-time off. She is currently paid at 90% of her normal earnings … Read more

How much bank holiday entitlement do my employees get?

“It depends” is the short answer. An employee’s statutory holiday entitlement in any year is 28 days. Those days can be any days in the calendar year. However most employers have found it easier to give their employees their holiday entitlement by including the bank holidays in the 28 days holiday. This makes perfect business sense, … Read more

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