Disciplinary Procedure

As an employer, one of your most important responsibilities is establishing and adhering to a clear disciplinary procedure. Disciplinary procedures not only ensure that you address any issues relating to an employee’s capability or conduct fairly and consistently, but also significantly mitigate the risk of you facing an unfair dismissal claim. Here, our HR experts … Read more

Disciplinary Procedures In The Workplace

Clear disciplinary procedures in the workplace are integral to the fair treatment of your staff. They provide a clear structure for dealing with issues arising from an employee’s performance or competence and ensure that all employees are treated consistently in similar circumstances. Employers must implement and adhere to clear disciplinary processes, and a failure to … Read more

Disciplinary Hearing

Before taking any formal disciplinary action against an employee, it’s crucial to follow a fair disciplinary process. A disciplinary hearing is a key element of this process. You must conduct the disciplinary hearing properly and in line with the relevant legal requirements. This ensures your employee fully understands the nature of your concerns and is … Read more

Does An Employer Have To Disclose A Disciplinary In A Reference UK?

Except in specific industries, an employer has no legal obligation to provide a reference to employees leaving their employment; the choice of whether or not to do so is yours to make. If you agree to give a reference, the information you provide must be fair and accurate. This often leads to businesses asking the … Read more

What Is A Disciplinary Hearing?

Dealing with employees’ misconduct and poor performance is a common challenge for employers. Issues such as persistent lateness, subordination, or ongoing failures to meet targets may cause you to consider taking disciplinary action against an employee. However, it’s crucial to remember that proceeding with disciplinary action without first following a fair process may leave you … Read more

How To Prepare For A Disciplinary Hearing As An Employer

Disciplinary issues are a thorny area for employers. Regardless of the situation and the strength of your position, failing to follow a fair and lawful process can result in you facing an unfair dismissal claim. The disciplinary hearing is a key aspect of the disciplinary process. Before you can impose any sanctions on the employee … Read more

Disciplinary Meeting Tips For Employer

Disciplinary meetings are a crucial part of any fair disciplinary process. The meeting is your employee’s opportunity to hear the case against them and your chance to get their side of the story. You must ensure that any disciplinary meeting you arrange is conducted properly and in line with the relevant guidelines. If you don’t, … Read more

How Long Should An Employer Keep Disciplinary Records?

Employers are subject to strict rules regarding both disciplinary processes and record keeping. Navigating the various laws, regulations, and guidelines can be incredibly complex and full of traps for the unwary. Here, our HR experts answer the regularly asked question, ‘How long should an employer keep disciplinary records?’, explain the relevant law, and give tips … Read more

Employer Disciplinary Procedures

Employer disciplinary procedures set out how the employer will deal with an employee’s misconduct or poor performance. Employers must put fair, transparent policies in place and follow those policies in all cases. If they don’t, they may face an unfair dismissal claim. Here, our HR specialists explain why it’s essential to follow fair procedures when … Read more

Employer Disciplinary Action

Employer disciplinary action is an integral part of running an organisation and managing staff. An employer has a legal duty to ensure that any disciplinary action is not only lawful, but fair. You must follow careful processes to avoid facing an unfair dismissal claim from an employee whose disciplinary action leads to dismissal. Here, our … Read more

Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 18: Not ugly enough!

Not ugly enough! Conventional wisdom says attractive people are more likely to be hired. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. Two Israeli researchers send out CVs with pictures – rated according to attractiveness – for 2,500 different jobs. They found that handsome men were marginally more likely to get an interview, but that … Read more

Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 14: Minimum Wage

Doing employees a favour doesn’t always work I was approached by a company to help with a situation that was baffling them. They had employed someone who wasn’t really as experienced as they would have liked, but they liked him and created a job for him. However what they also did was pay him less … Read more

Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 11: Discrimination costs!

How much would you have to pay if you lost a discrimination case at tribunal – what is it capped at? Bad news – it is unlimited! Which is why all those female city bankers can claim millions of pounds in compensation. What irritates me more is when the NHS, who should know better, do … Read more

Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 7: He’s pregnant?!

Right to time off for antenatal appointments Under the new shared parental leave it is proposed to allow the husband, civil partner or partner of the pregnant women the right to unpaid time off to attend up to 2 ante-natal appointments. Action: don’t laugh when a man asks for time to go to an antenatal … Read more

Tales of an HR Services expert – Day 2: Recruitment

Don’t do this! Recruit someone you find attractive (apparently most of us do!) Accept their word that they can do something – test them Reject them giving one of the protected characteristics as a reason (unlimited £££ tribunal claim)

Invasion of the Identity Snatchers

What, an invasion? Well, not that bad, but it is an area that employers need to protect themselves. From what? Identity fraud and unwittingly employing illegal workers. In Terminator they used dogs to sniff out the “intruders”, the robots. We need to use a much more banal way – seeing their photo ID! This might … Read more

Flexible working even more flexible!

Sometime this year, employers worst fears will be realised: EVERY employee will be able to request flexible working!

This is a change which was supposed to come into effect from April 2014, but somewhat strangely ACAS had not got the guidance finished on it in time, so the introduction of this new right has been delayed.

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My employee resigned, didn’t she?!

This case was frustrating because my client had really bent over backwards to help, and it had backfired badly. The employee had resigned, and then said that as she was intending to move up north, and things hadn’t been finalised, could she stay on till the end of term (this was in a preschool). My … Read more

Don’t do this!

Recruitment Recruit someone you find attractive (apparently most of us do!) Accept their word that they can do something – test them! Reject them giving one of the protected characteristics as a reason (unlimited £££ tribunal claim)

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