Filling the GAP in HR services: Undeserved reputation

Filling the GAP in HR services: Undeserved reputation

You might think that once you’ve got a box of Christmas decorations, you’re done – the same collection can come out and go on the tree each and every year.

But that’s not how I operate – despite developing a reputation for Grinchiness, I do rather love the festive season, which is why I’ve been busy this week, buying more decorations.

And not just any decorations – some beautiful pieces from Taitu; an Italian company and my favourite craft company.

They’ve “discovered” email marketing this year, which means I’ve been getting missives from them several times a week with new products.

One of those emails featured a truly beautiful heart shaped decoration that I just had to have, so – after managing to navigate the website with only a cursory knowledge of Italian, I put the item in my basket and headed to the checkout.

And that’s when my first roadblock presented itself – it turned out that to get free P&P in the EU I needed to spend €40.

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