Filling the GAP in HR Services: Settling down

Filling the GAP in HR Services: Settling down

As you might expect, we’re very busy at the moment.

Clearly, we’re heavily involved in several restructuring projects, but we’re also dealing with long-term sickness absences and a few – believe it or not – disciplinary processes.

One of our key roles in all people management issues is to ensure our clients follow all the correct processes, and if they do, they give themselves the very best chance of being protected.

We can’t stop an employee starting a tribunal, especially now they’re free.

But by making sure a fair and reasonable process is followed, we minimise the danger of an ambulance chaser solicitor seeing pound signs when they hear what has been going on.

In 95% of the processes we carry out, just following the correct process and guidelines is enough to make sure that there is no Early Conciliation or tribunal claim.

But for the other 5% we have an ace up our sleeve – settlement agreements.

What is a “settlement agreement”?

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