Posting unsuitable content on social media

Posting unsuitable content on social media

What can I do if my employee is posting unsuitable content on social media?

There are usually two aspects to posts on social media. One is them talking about confidential Company matters that they shouldn’t be, and the other is showing that they really aren’t sick when they said they were!

What if you think they are not actually sick?

Managing sickness absence is rarely a straightforward task and dealing with someone that you suspect is not genuinely ill has always been at the trickier end of the scale.

The situation is not helped by the fact that employees who are off work on sickness absence don’t have to hole themselves up in their home and not go outside. While it is frustrating, it is important to move with caution and not make any knee-jerk decisions regarding how you will deal with the issue upon their return to work.

If an employee tells you that they cannot come into work because they have broken their ankle, and then you see them on Facebook dancing on both feet without crutches in a night club, you will probably be right in doubting the truth of their sickness.

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