No I dumped HIM!

No, I dumped HIM!

One of our clients recently had a troublesome greenkeeper.

As each week ticked by, new troubles presented themselves – absences, poor performances, you name it, it happened.

And, because we were advising them, they went through the proper disciplinary process, and the greenkeeper ended up on a final written warning.

Then came the final straw: a shouting and swearing match with his boss, in front of the whole clubhouse.

By anyone’s book, that’s gross misconduct, but a less grievous offence would still be grounds for termination – once someone has an active final warning, anything they do after that would incur even a first written warning, it’s grounds for dismissal.


Yes, you do need to go through a process, but it’s very straightforward, and it seemed like the best way forward in this situation.

We began an investigation, making it clear to the employee how serious this was, and started preparing for a disciplinary meeting.

Then, plot twist, the employee resigned with immediate effect, before we could invite him to the meeting.

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