Kids, dogs & old people

Kids, dogs & old people

In our local village, there’s a 20mph limit.

In principle, it’s a great idea, with kids, dogs and old people all in plentiful supply.

In practice, it’s completely ignored.

They’ve tried all sorts to enforce it – signs, sleeping policemen, signs, cameras, notes through doors, signs, the list goes on.

Nothing’s worked, until the other day when they inadvertently cracked it.

I was driving through Pangbourne, on the way to the M4, and was taken aback by the snail-like speed of the traffic going so slowly at an off-peak time.

What sorcery was this?  How had they succeeded; had the signs finally done their bit?!

Nope.  As it turned out, the local Lamborghini garage had put eleven of their vehicles out the front – ranging from bright yellow to matte black (what I like to call “stealth colour”).

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