Kids, dogs & old people

Kids, dogs & old people

In our local village, there’s a 20mph limit.

In principle, it’s a great idea, with kids, dogs and old people all in plentiful supply.

In practice, it’s completely ignored.

They’ve tried all sorts to enforce it – signs, sleeping policemen, signs, cameras, notes through doors, signs, the list goes on.

Nothing’s worked, until the other day when they inadvertently cracked it.

I was driving through Pangbourne, on the way to the M4, and was taken aback by the snail-like speed of the traffic going so slowly at an off-peak time.

What sorcery was this?  How had they succeeded; had the signs finally done their bit?!

Nope.  As it turned out, the local Lamborghini garage had put eleven of their vehicles out the front – ranging from bright yellow to matte black (what I like to call “stealth colour”).

Without exception, every driver was creeping past at 10mph, gawking at the cars whilst pretending to just be passing by.

Now, I highly doubt that the Lamborghini garage is in league with West Berkshire council – they’re far more interested in selling their cars, and who can blame them?

But their show and tell stunt did have an inadvertent side benefit to the local community, finally helping them to get people keeping to the speed limit.

Could you kill two birds with one stone, promoting your business, whilst also benefitting your local community?  Ideas welcome…

I am now going away to ogle my favourite Lamborghini…

Kids, dogs & old people


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