I’m in love…..

I’m in love…..

I’ll admit it: I’m in love with Amazon all over again.

It’s my default shop for buying stuff, any stuff, because they make it easy to buy and I know that I will get what I have ordered or can get my money back, without any hassle.

Not to mention the fact that they’re savvy marketers.

Last week they hosted their Amazon Prime Day – a mid-month, mid-year, one-day sale.

As you do, I decided to have a little “browse”, and quickly ended up buying a new Kindle Paperwhite – my old one has seen too many sandy beaches and seems to have got a lot slower as a result.

So with £30 off on Amazon Prime Day, I splashed out on a glittering new Kindle and cover.

When it came, I turned it on, put my password in once, and I had access to my account and all my previously downloaded books and I was good to go.

If you own an Apple product, you know it’s a different story with them.

Not only does getting a new iPhone result in a whole heap of admin, but every single time I update my iOS, I have to verify, re-enter and verify again.

With Amazon it’s different – they’ve removed as much friction as they can and made it as easy as possible to buy and use their products.

(So easy in fact, that I bought a few more books to celebrate!)

What process in your business could be made easier for the consumer? How could you make it easier for them to buy and keep on buying from you?

I’m off to read some of my 400 books that are in my (still glittering) Kindle!

If you know of a business that could do with our help, please let us know – we always reward referrals with chocolate!

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