Filling the GAP in HR services: Royal Mail made me buy an iPad

Filling the GAP in HR services: Royal Mail made me buy an iPad

I love reading.

But, with a busy business, and two teenagers, I don’t usually get to do as much as I’d like.

Lockdown was different though – the extra time at the weekends meant I could indulge my passion to the full.

While I’m mainly reaching for a novel, the one weekly publication I never usually miss is the Economist.

However, during lockdown it started getting delivered on a Monday rather than a Friday or Saturday, which meant I didn’t have time to get through it before the next weekend, by which point it was often pretty out of date.

In the end, I turned to the digital version.

I usually prefer reading something “physical” but these were desperate times, so I fired up my 8-year-old iPad and gave it a go.

It was incredibly slow to load, and changing pages really was very painful, so I quickly gave up.

But with the postal delivery unlikely to get any better, I was still stuck with my Economist problem, which naturally I fixed by buying a brand new iPad mini.

The result?  I’m now going to unsubscribe from my physical copy!

The new iPad is super fast, with a lovely screen, and – importantly for me – I can increase the size of the font so that I can read the articles easily, without peering through my varifocals!

If you’ve asked me a month ago whether I’d be willing to read the digital magazine, you would have received a resounding ‘no’.

But having had it forced on me, it really has been an absolute joy.

It made me realise that we can often get stuck in our ways, refusing new ways of doing things, even when they can make our lives better and easier – it’s a real reminder to not close off our minds to new things, and judge them on their merits.

I’m off to see what other iPad friendly magazines I can download to read in the garden – any suggestions?

Royal Mail made me buy an iPad


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