Voluntary Redundancy (video and transcript)

Voluntary Redundancy (video and transcript)

To make the process a bit easier is to ask for volunteers a little red man there putting up his hand. Voluntary redundancies, so the way to get people to volunteer for redundancy is to offer them more than they would have got if they were made compulsorily redundant.

So, if you might need to offer them a signing bonus, you might need to remove the cap on their weekly pay and put it up to what the higher amount. Whatever is higher either the 538 or their actual weekly pay. The thing is you need to know your numbers. What can you afford to throw at this to make it an easier process?

Can you afford a signing bonus? Can you afford to remove the cap? Only you will know that from your own numbers. The aim of this is to make the process smoother. It however still counts as a termination from the employer. It’s not counted as a resignation from the employee.

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