Who Do We Work With?

You will get the most out of working with Gap HR if:

You are an organisation of under 70 employees.

The reason we work with these employers is that they often have no effective management structure  – usually it is the owners and “everyone else”.

These owners need support in complying with the legal requirements so that they know they have a legal basis to grow on.

Once they have got over this hurdle, they then have devolved management of people issues to their line/departmental managers, and the pressure is off.

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You have no in-house HR advisor, and indeed, why should you?

In a well-run company, there are not enough issues after setting up contracts and handbooks to occupy a good HR manager for more than one day a week.

Often all the in-house support needs to be is the Office Manager/PA to the director logging absence and flagging up issues to the external HR advisor.

Therefore our clients get top-level support when they need it without having to employ someone to sit at a desk all week, creating reasons for their existence. You just call us when you have an issue or need to talk something through.

You have a cobbled together contract from 5 or 10 years ago, or, heaven forbid, no contract at all.

This means that the statutory rules and regulations apply. We help you customise your employment contracts so that they suit your business needs and gives you the maximum flexibility to do what needs to be done, within the legal framework.

And your rights as an employer are actually strengthened by having a contract and not relying on the statutory provisions, so there is no advantage to your business to not issuing a proper employment contract!

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You will work successfully with Gap HR Services if you have the following values and goals:

  • You want to prevent issues escalating.
  • You appreciate the difference productive and content employees can make to your bottom line.
  • You want to understand why the rules are there, and how best to apply them, not just moan about them!
  • You are happy to manage your staff and not just employ them.

You now know the type of companies we work with, take a look at the package we offer to meet your needs for contracts, handbooks and ongoing HR support.

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Who We Work With