What other jobs do you have to offer them?

So you’ve spoken to them individually. You’ve offered them all the jobs that are open, you don’t make any decision at this stage about whether they are suitable for them or not.

You don’t say, “Oh but that s not going to pay enough so therefore, I’m not going to offer it”. You offer every single role in the golf club to every person and every person has the right to apply for it.

It doesn’t mean they have the right to get it, but they have the right to apply for it

And then the next stage is they have about a week to think about which jobs they want to apply for.

And then you would say, “Who wants to apply for this job?”

And then if it’s one person that’s a really straightforward process of having a meeting and if they’re suitable, obviously, that they then get that job.

If there are several people you will have to work on the criteria’s to make sure you get the right people in that role.

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