This ad changed my life

This ad changed my life

We’ve all tried them – the fad diets.

5:2, 2:2, Atkins, Keto, the list goes on and on – if you’re anything like me, you get bombarded with ads and content promising to help you drop a dress size, lose a stone or climb a mountain on a daily basis.

I’m as sceptical as they come, but one of those ads has changed my life.

Granted, it wasn’t one from a snake oil salesman but the well-known Zoe nutrition, partly invented by Professor Tim Spector.

And rather than just trying to sell you some shakes or supplements, Zoe actually tests your body to understand how it responds to food, using a blood glucose monitor to see what happens as each food or drink is consumed.

As well as that, you send them a couple of samples (one being a stool, so don’t say you weren’t warned!) and eat a couple of their standardised muffins to help them understand your metabolism.

A week later, the results were in:

Good blood sugar, good fat responses, and a gut microbiome in decent shape (no idea how!).

Total clarity. But the best bit is that on an ongoing basis, I know exactly how good each thing I eat is for ME because I have access to my body’s precise response to it.

The Zoe approach is making waves, and for good reason – it steps away from perceived wisdom about health and weight loss and towards tailored diets depending on how your body’s made up.

For example, nuts were a total no-no under Slimming World, but I now know my body can handle them better than a banana, which I always thought was the healthy option.

The long and short of it is that I feel healthier, I’ve lost three pounds in five days without starving myself, and the pain in my joints (which I thought was arthritis) has reduced dramatically.

If you’d like to feel better and lose weight, I can heartily recommend Zoe, but if you’re marketing a business, there’s another moral to this story:

Don’t be led astray by what everyone else is doing for their business without understanding whether it’ll work for yours.

TikTok might be perfect for one business and terrible for another, LinkedIn could be a total waste of your time or a game-changer, and so on.

So, before you make a decision about where your marketing pounds go, take some time to understand whether you’re making the popular move or the right move for you.

This ad changed my life

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