The Seven Biggest Mistakes That Employers Make When Dealing With Staff Issues

Over 76% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years of life. One of the major reasons for this is that once sole traders start employing staff, any number of mistakes can be made which hobble the business.

These management mistakes stop it from growing and maybe even destroying it! From my 14 years in Human Resources, I have collected together the 7 biggest mistakes which are AVOIDABLE in your business so that YOU will have the chance to grow and succeed where others have failed!

Yes, I want to find out what mistake number 3 is, please send me my FREE report now!

This report is FREE – and you must at some stage have asked yourself:
“Why would Carolyne GIVE me this FREE report containing full details on the 7 BIG MISTAKES and how I avoid them and avoid a tribunal and could cost me my personal cash by having to pay out huge fines and awards?”

Now – you may not have phrased it quite like that – true?

But you still knew deep inside that I must have had a good reason to take the time to find out from my experience in business and human resources for over 14 years – what were the 7 Big Mistakes (and how to avoid them) – and take the effort to write this report – yes?

Well here is the reason: Normally you would have to sign up to one of my packages to get this level of information. Under the current economic circumstances I felt that it made sense to make you aware of risks you CAN AVOID, but which if you don’t, can bankrupt your company through losing tribunal claims.

I only wanted to give this report to anyone who was serious about increasing their business, profits and personal earnings by running a business and not a hobby!

This report would, I hope, show anyone as they read through it that I do have some great ideas; practical ideas; about how to help a business (and its people) make more money by avoiding tribunals, avoiding fines and avoiding the hassles of dealing with employees!

Once someone reads the report they will be more positively inclined to take a look at my packages on HR outsourcing and coaching DIY HR and HR in a box.

  • Mistake No. 1 – The most common reason for employers being sued at the moment!
  • Mistake No. 2 – This is something that many employers seem really surprised about !
  • Mistake No. 3 – The most common one of all, particularly at the beginning!
  • Mistake No. 4 – Relying on “managing by absence” to solve the problem!
  • Mistake No. 5 – Thinking that what you see is more important that what you get!
  • Mistake No. 6 – The office wit is the company’s liability!
  • Mistake No. 7 – Made even by those who really should know better!

To get your free report now (by the way, mistake number 3 is the most common one with start-ups). Fill out the form below and I will, after verifying your email address, send you the FREE report.

Yes, I want to find out what mistake number 3 is, please send me my FREE report now!

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