Terrible holiday pictures

I’m in Miami this week. Yes, it is amazing, thanks for asking.

Florida is my kind of holiday to a tee – sun, sea, sand and a good book.

But everyone’s different – some are sun worshippers like me, some prefer snow and apres ski, others like a safari or a city break.

There is one thing universal feeling among holidaymakers though: none of us love the getting there part, especially on a budget airline.

Sure, there are some nice bits to it, but ultimately, it’s a means to an end; the squeeze that brings the juice.

It seems Jet2 didn’t get that memo though – if you haven’t seen their latest holiday advert, let me fill you in:

  1. Shot of the Jet2 aeroplane across the tarmac
  2. Shot of the tidy but very cramped large number of seats in Jet2 colours in the cabin.
  3. View from the top of the stairs at your “destination” focusing on the Jet2 bus that takes you to the terminal building

That’s it, complete with music and a voiceover that tells you Jet2 holidays are the best in the world. No sea in sight. No sun, no sand, no surf, no snow. In other words, none of the bits that we actually go on holiday for, just the necessary evils we must conquer to get to our dream destination.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that they’d just bought a new plane and bus, and were intent on showing them off, rather than actually selling holidays.

It’s an extreme example, but it highlights an error that plenty of businesses make when they focus too much on what they want to say rather than what their customers want to hear.

Which one does your marketing emphasise?

I’m off to enjoy my last couple of days in the sun and pretend that I don’t have a 13-hour flight to get back home. Maybe I’ll just stay here!

Relaxing under a palm tree on remote beach

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