“Looking After” tips

“Looking After” tips

I was on holiday over half term, in Gran Canaria and it was GLORIOUS – sun, sea, sand, and all the food you could dream of.

Seriously, one of the perks of holidays and staying in a hotel is that you can’t cook, even if you want to, which means the hardship of having to eat beautiful food in lovely restaurants every night.

It does come with its own specific challenge though: how much to tip.

And funnily enough, I find it harder to decide on the gratuity when the service has been good – I don’t tend to struggle when it’s been mediocre or worse!

But more than that, what really concerns me is whether the staff are actually going to GET the tip, particularly in the electronic age.

Does the employer keep it and not pass it on at all? Highly likely.

Or does it get put into a pot for all staff to share? Okay, but not really rewarding good service.

Or does that one person actually get what I have tipped? Highly unlikely.

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