Redundancy Pool (video and transcript)

Redundancy Pool (video and transcript)

If you only have one person in your redundancy pool, the courts see that as unfair dismissal.

They see it as a not a fair redundancy process they see it as the employer trying to get rid of one employee.

And that is, unfortunately, going to be the case that many committees are going to say “oh well we just need to get rid of the club manager because they’re the most expensive person.”

It’s like, no the whole club really needs to be put at risk of redundancy.

There is a way to justify that only one person in the whole club is affected by the redundancy.

I’m not sure how believable its going to be that it was only the club manager that there was nobody else in F&B who was at risk of redundancy because the club carried on working but F&B didn’t.

So why wasn’t F&B put at risk of redundancy?

And the thing is, you do not want to be paying the lawyers £250, £350 an hour.

If it’s a barrister you’re paying by the day, not by the hour to try and argue your position to a high court judge who really does not care about your individual position.

They’re just going – no, that is not how the law works, therefore, that’s unfair dismissal, you didn’t follow the right process, 25% uplift, years pay, the club is now bankrupt anyway.

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