Pearly whites

Pearly whites

Watching American TV a lot, as I do (yes I know it’s trash, but entertaining trash!), you can’t help noticing the teeth.

Most people in the UK don’t give teeth much thought.  OK, we brush them in the morning and at night, but do we ever think of them as one of the first things that people see when we meet them?

When we give a big, toothy smile, we are really letting the world know a lot about ourselves.

And this applies to businesses as well as individuals.

Look, it’s not all about teeth.  Business deals aren’t made or broken based on someone’s chompers, obviously.   The larger point is to look at teeth as a metaphor – does your image help you appeal to your target market, or does it make your customers want to politely look the other way?

If I show up to a meeting with disheveled hair and frenzied look in my eyes, I doubt they will take me seriously when I promise that my company is organized and professional.

The same principle is true with other aspects of our appearance.

What kind of image are you trying to present?

Are your premises run down?  Are the front of house staff listless?

Any of these things can turn existing or potential customers away. If you say that you aim for excellence, you better make sure that you are achieving, or close to achieving, that standard in all areas.

Presenting a polished, sharp, put-together image to your customers is a top-priority and really a hygiene factor.  From head-to-toe, we should pay attention to every detail.

And yes, that includes those pearly whites!

Pearly whites

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