My late Christmas present to you…..

Hope you had a good festive period and you’re feeling well rested?

Being back in the office is reminding me of all the things I said I’d do ‘in the new year’, that I have to do now!

It’s always the way isn’t it?

We’re all masters of procrastination, putting things off until later, because they’re too difficult or we’re worried about the end result.

So we brush them under the carpet, and tell ourselves we’ll do them another time.

Some things you can get away with.  I’ve been telling myself I should update my software on my iPhone for months, but I can make do without the updates.

But some you can’t.

One area where procrastination really doesn’t work well is employment law.

Procrastinate and fail to get your contracts and employee handbooks sorted, and when you do have an issue, you WON’T be protected.

Fail to do the necessary due diligence, and you won’t just end up with an out-of-date iPhone, you’ll end up in Tribunal Creek, without so much as a paddle.

And yet, even as you read this, you’re probably still thinking about putting off the ‘sorting out’ of your contracts and handbooks.  And I understand why.

It seems like hard work.  Contracts use complicated ‘legal’ language that’s hard to understand.  It’s a real grind, and if you don’t really know what you’re looking for, you’ve got no idea of how much work is actually involved.

That’s why I’m emailing you today: I want to help you clear the fuzz, remove the excuses and ensure that your club is legally compliant.

And I’m going to do that by offering you a completely FREE “tribunal audit”, no strings attached.

During this tribunal audit (which is usually an investment of £167), we’ll go through your contracts and handbooks with a fine toothcomb and give you absolute clarity on what you need to do to remain protected and compliant.

Once it’s complete, you’ll know just how out of date your contracts are, and how many elephant-sized loopholes are present in your polices.

Armed with that knowledge, you’ll know exactly what the work looks like to get your club sorted.

As I said, these audits usually cost £167 + VAT, but if you reply and let me know you’re ‘in’ before close of play Wednesday 11 January 2017, you’ll get the full service for nothing.

In?  Smart move.

All you need to do is:

  1. Email on, “Yes please Carolyne, help me protect my company” and attach your contracts and handbooks (whatever state they’re in).
  2. Schedule a bit of time to go through our findings following the audit.

That’s it!

If you know that you need to stop procrastinating, and that it’s time to sort those contracts out, then this is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever have to work out exactly where your club is at.

Email now, and let’s get started.

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