Hide and Seek

“Hide and seek the general manager” – can’t see it usurping the traditional form of the game, but nevertheless, we have plenty of fun playing it in the Gap HR office.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We hear from a client that they are moving. So far, so straightforward.
  2. Obviously, we hope to continue the relationship with that client, but it also presents an opportunity – who has just left, and where are they going?
  3. The search begins. We look on the new website. LinkedIn. The out-of-office messages from our weekly emails.

Sounds easy, and it should be.

But despite this being the age where you can find out anything on the internet, it’s remarkable how difficult it is to find accurate information on general managers.

In our search, we’ve found websites that don’t just fail to feature their new GM, they’ve still got the GM on there from TWO changes ago.

Whose fault is this?  Probably the GM, but to be fair, they’ve likely got several more pressing and important issues to deal with than updating the website.

You’d also think that, as professional managers, they’d keep their profiles up to date on LinkedIn.

Again, some managers can take months to update it to their new post or to advise they have left their old post.

Why does this matter?

Experience tells me that if an organisations isn’t keeping their marketing information up to date, it’s not the only thing that is no longer current.

And yes, I’m talking about HR – if you can’t keep your website up to date, which is a simple text tweak, what are the chances that you have issued your updated contracts and handbook that reflect the latest in employment law?

Vanishingly small.

Don’t even mention the Health and Safety documentation and training.

The thing is, an out-of-date website could lose you a couple of clients, but the penalties for employment law neglect are far more severe.

We can’t help with the website, but we can transform your documents – and you just need to issue them to all staff, so you don’t have to hide when the tribunal comes seeking.

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