Filling The GAP In HR Services: Changing Salary Willy Nilly……

Filling the GAP in HR services: Changing salary willy nilly……

I was speaking to a golf club chairman last week, and we got onto the subject of contracts; specifically the contract for the club manager.

Turns out that the chairman didn’t want to put a salary in the contract, and that “back in the day”, when he ran a business, he NEVER put the salary in the contract, only in the offer letter.

In his eyes, it meant that he could change his salary whenever he wanted, and he was pleased as punch with this strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s not a good strategy.

Anything that you put in the offer letter overrides the contents of the contract and is as legally binding as the contract itself.

This exactly why we advise our clients to keep the offer letter to a minimum to avoid conflicts with the contract.

We convinced the chairman that this is how it is done now, and he went along with us.

Beware of good intentioned committee member

s giving you dangerous advice!

Changing Salary Willy Nilly







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