Filling the GAP in HR services: Why I stopped networking

Filling the GAP in HR services: Why I stopped networking

I went to a group last week.

I love networking. I enjoy the buzz of meeting new people, understanding more about different industries and hearing stories about how people have made sales and businesses in various areas and niches.

But I don’t do it much these days, for the simple reason that I’ve found other marketing channels which work more effectively.

And last week, I had a worked example of why I stopped networking.

During my 30-second spiel, I offered to send everyone my very entertaining weekly email, explaining that they could unsubscribe if they weren’t interested.

Afterwards, one lady came over and said that as SHE didn’t have any staff, there was no point in her receiving my email.

This blew me away. Just minutes earlier we’d had a 20-minute presentation about how it’s not who is IN the room that matters the most; it’s who they know outside the room.

This had obviously gone straight over her head.

She wasn’t interested in who I could refer to HER and therefore in staying in touch.

She is an interior designer. I know people with houses. That are not well furnished. I could have made referrals.

I was annoyed that she didn’t get it but then I finally got it.

Networking only works for me when the people in the room are business owners employing staff AND they have suffered the pain of staff issues in the past.

Those are the people who either contact me themselves or put me in touch with their contacts “outside the room” who have staff issues.

Because they’ve lived through the disruption themselves they know how draining it is dealing with these situations.

Wondering if they’re doing the right thing and just wishing it would stop.

Thankful for advice to make sure the right thing is done at the right time, and the feeling of not being alone.

If you have the feeling that you are dealing with an issue by yourself, then give me a call on 01491 598 600 to talk things through, for peace of mind.

As for me, I will choose my networking meetings more carefully and cross my fingers for the interior designer!

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