Filling the GAP in HR services: Tequila and TV

Filling the GAP in HR services: Tequila and TV

We’ve all had our vices during the lockdown.

A bar of Dairy Milk for some people, a glass of red wine for others.


Tequila and television.

Don’t worry, I haven’t let my liking for the Mexican liquid get the better of me – I’m not furtively pouring it into my coffee cup just to get through the next Zoom call.

However, I have been enjoying it at the end of a long week, in front of something entertaining on the box.

Although of course, TV has changed unalterably in just a few short years.

By and large, I’ve stayed on board with the changes – I’ve adopted both Amazon Prime and Netflix, and I’ll be watching the next episode of Ozark just as soon as I can wrestle the remote away from the children.

But you know what I didn’t expect to fall in love with?

Disney +

When I first became aware of it, it wasn’t exactly high on my list of things to subscribe to – my children are 18 and 16, and we’ve already got a bunch of Disney DVDs.

But, thanks to a good offer from 02 and numerous recommendations from friends, I decided to give it a go.

Now it’s my digital comfort blanket, and it’s been a great way to spend time with the kids.

Right now we’re watching all the Marvel films in the correct order, so I now get all the secret references that have previously eluded me.

I also watched all of The Mandalorian with my son, which was perfect, because I love the Star Wars universe.

With Disney+, I know exactly what I’m getting.

I know that it isn’t deep and meaningful entertainment, but the films on it bring back happy memories of my childhood, as well as watching the movies with my children when they were younger, cuddling on the sofa.

A lovely throwback to a time before the normal uncertainty of adult life, and the exceptional situation right now.

Even just clicking on the Disney + button starts the feel good sensation in me.

And it is such a relief to have a safe place to go to that we can all enjoy and doesn’t involve anything illegal!

Tequila and TV







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