Filling the GAP in HR services: Off to the Apollo….

Filling the GAP in HR services: Off to the Apollo….

Got any plans for tonight?

I’m off to the Apollo to see Jimmy Carr.  I’ll get into the Big Smoke early, grab myself a bite to eat and enjoy an evening out.

Not really.

That was the plan, before Lockdown 2.0 got involved.

Now I’ll be fighting over a takeaway menu with a teenager having already lost the battle over the remote.

But although I’m disappointed not to be enjoying Jimmy’s acerbic wit this evening, I haven’t given up hope.

You see, the Apollo has learnt from the last lockdown.

Rather than straight up cancelling it and refunding everyone or handing out credit notes, they’ve already rescheduled the performance for next year and issued tickets of the same value I originally bought.

It’s a win for me because…

  1. I still get to see Jimmy Carr
  2. I don’t have to decide whether to choose a credit note that I might never use and a refund, which basically puts the death knell on my chances of seeing Jimmy
  3. I haven’t had to do a single minute of work for it

It’s a win for them because…

  1. Their refunds will be dramatically reduced
  2. They’ve got a ready-made event that’s good to go as soon as they’ve got the all-clear to run it, giving them a night in the calendar where they’ll definitely make some good money in the bar

It won’t work for every business, but it’s something that’s well worth considering – could you do anything similar in your business to keep your customer relationship alive, rather than just offering refunds or credit notes?

If you’ve got any good ideas, ping them in my direction and I’ll share my favourite Jimmy Carr one-liner in return.

Off to the Apollo


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