Filling The Gap In HR Services: Best Christmas Present

Filling The Gap In HR Services: Best Christmas Present.

As I have grown older and financially independent able to buy my own gadgets, the joy of getting Christmas presents is now a little bit muted.

Maybe you feel the same?

Giving gifts is still immensely enjoyable, but most of the things I want I am in the lucky position that I can just go out and buy.

So, I was blown away by my present from South Oxfordshire District Council.

Yes, a PRESENT from my local council.

Now, before you get upset about how we spend taxpayers money in my district, let me tell you about the wonder present.

A recycling wheel.

A double-sided cardboard wheel, that tells you which bin 60 different common household items should go in, or on, or whether they should be taken to the tip.

Why is this so fantastic?

Because although I can cope with the occasional guessing game of what goes where most of the year, at Christmas it becomes rather more difficult.

The sheer volume of rubbish produced by all of us being at home, giving presents and eating a month’s worth of food in a few days, means that I struggle to focus on separating the rubbish correctly.

I feel guilty about it.

But not normally guilty enough to put the effort in to start the computer, go onto their website and find out which bin things go in.

But now I don’t have to!

I have my handy wheel, which I can easily find, pick up, put down, taking me seconds to find out what goes where. In colour.

A simple analogue way of finding out information quickly has removed my Christmas guilt and given me the pleasure of rotating the wheel to a new item, finding out what bin it goes in and saying “well I never knew that went there!” – I think I may be older than I imagine myself to be!

So if you are thinking about presents for your clients, at any time of the year, big and expensive is not always going to be the thing they value.

I will certainly not be forgetting my (low cost) cardboard bin wheel any time soon!

Filling the Gap in HR services:Best Christmas present









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