Filling the GAP in HR Services: A very lovely silver lining

Filling the GAP in HR Services: A very lovely silver lining

Last night, I realised that the isolation is playing into the hands of one of my favourite creatures:


I’ve been a fan of the little snuffly animals for a while – we have a family of three living under next door’s shed, and before they went into hibernation, we were putting mealworms out for them every night.

After such a mild winter, I’ve been expecting them out of hibernation any way, and a couple of nights ago, the alarm (our dog Comet) sounded, with a bark that sounded like a zombie hoard was attacking the back door.

And sure enough, the first hedgehog out of hibernation was the reason why – the poor chap must have been very confused to have an overfriendly and over-loud dog approaching during the first adventure post-hibernation!

I was glad to see the first one back, and I’m looking forward to resuming the feeding, but it was on our evening dog walk that I realised that this is pretty much the perfect time for hedgehogs.

We were at the end of our road – unsurprisingly it’s now completely dead – and we spotted a moving shape 50m away.

Comet was off like a shot, and thinking it was a rat, I figured he had no chance of catching it.

But, in a very un-ratlike move, the shape just stopped.

As it turns out, it was another hedgehog, happily crossing a road that would normally have had a steady stream of cars on it.

It might be a small silver lining, but it was nice to think that at least the coronavirus is good for the hedgehog population!

A very lovely silver lining







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