Filling the GAP in HR expertise: Getting more expensive….

Filling the GAP in HR expertise: Getting more expensive….

Well, we’ve made it past Christmas and the next significant date in the HR world is the 6 April.

That’s when all the Statutory employment entitlements change.

There is no legal requirement to inform your staff of the changes BUT we would recommend letting them know the change to the pension deductions and minimum wage. That will minimise questions when they get their April salary.

Auto-enrolment pensions

New rate, 6 April 2019 onwards:

  • Employer minimum contribution 3%
  • Staff contribution  5%
    • Total 8%

Statutory payments

The proposed 2019/20 rates for statutory sick pay (SSP), statutory maternity pay (SMP), statutory paternity pay (SPP), shared parental pay (ShPP) and statutory adoption pay (SAP) have now been published.

They are subject to Parliamentary approval, but this is unlikely to be withheld.

The changes will be:

– on 6 April 2019 SSP will increase from £92.05 to £94.25 p.w.
– on 7 April 2019 SMP, SPP, ShPP and SAP all rise from £145.18 to £148.68 p.w. (or 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings if this is less than the statutory rate).

In addition, the lower earnings limit – which is the amount an employee must earn in order to qualify for these statutory payments – is set to rise from £116 to £118 p.w.

Minimum Wage

Age                     Now           2019-20
25 and over          £7.83           £8.21
21 to 24                £7.38           £7.70
18 to 20                £5.90           £6.15
Under 18               £4.20          £4.35

You will need to inform your staff of the increase in the minimum wage if that is what they are earning. A simple letter advising them of this change will be okay.

You are legally required to apply the change to their salary from the beginning of April, they do not have to ask you to do so.

If you don’t, then it is a non-defendable case at tribunal. There is no extenuating circumstance which can get you out of the tribunal, other than paying what you owe.

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