Feeling strangely fine

Feeling strangely fine

Don’t worry, I’m not going to launch into a song from the 90s band Semisonic (remember them?!).

Instead, I’ve got something far less exciting (but no less excruciating) to share with you:

What you can and can’t do regarding Covid.

We’ve had a lot of questions on the topic again, so I figured it was pretty important to cover it off with winter looming.

So here’s the long and short of it:

  • If they test positive for Covid and they are feeling too sick to work, they stay at home until they are feeling well. They must follow your sickness absence procedure, which should be something like self-certify for 7 calendar days and then get a GP note for the remainder of the time.
  • If they test negative for Covid and they are feeling too sick to work, same as above.
  • If they test positive for Covid, but have no symptoms at all, then they should come into work. There is no longer any quarantine period.
  • If you decide, despite them having no symptoms, that you want them to stay at home until they test negative, then you will have to pay them full pay for that time.
    They may be able to work from home, in which case, if they are feeling fine, they can do that and be paid full pay.
    Unless you particularly want to know whether someone has Covid, I would probably recommend not asking them to test if they are feeling well.

Covid or no Covid:

If they feel too sick to work, they are too sick to work, and they stay at home.
If they are feeling fine, they work.

Hope this helps!

Feeling strangely fine

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