Far more serious

Far more serious

One of the things I realized in the midst of the GDPR furor was that most people were only taking action because there was a natural deadline – the 25th May.

But as an employment law expert, it all seemed a bit ironic to me.

You see, all of these people were moving hell and high water to get ‘GDPR compliant’, but I knew full well that most of them weren’t in the slightest bit ‘compliant’ when it came to even general employment law.

It remains to be seen what impact GDPR will have, or what sanctions will be imposed, but the sanctions for breaching employment are already very much real, and being imposed.

So here’s the reality:

I’ve little doubt that if I pored over your contracts or your employee handbook (if you haven’t got one then there’s a big clue there!) there’d be stuff that could cause you serious problems if there was a case made against you or you were summoned to tribunal.

You probably know that too.  But you’ve never got it sorted, because you’ve never had a deadline.

So now I’m going to give you one – until 5pm on 30th June I’m offering you a completely free Tribunal Audit, where I personally review all your employee documents and explain exactly where you’re at risk, so you can take steps to get compliant.

Usually a Tribunal Audit would be an investment of £167 + VAT, but until 30th June you can get yours for FREE.

And considering the repercussions if you don’t take action (hint, they’re likely to be far more serious than the GDPR sanctions), it simply doesn’t make sense not to take action.

Once you’ve accepted my offer, all I’ll need is the soft copies of your employment contracts and your handbook, and some time on the phone with you to discuss my findings.

Hit reply and let’s get started now.

P.S. Remember, I’m only offering these FREE tribunal audits until 30th June, so be sure to get in touch before then to secure yours.

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