Employment Law Scrapped

Employment Law Scrapped

I was speaking to a prospect the other day, and while he was interested in our support, it quickly became clear that he didn’t feel he would need it going forward.

Not because he wouldn’t experience issues in his organization, but because – in his words –  “Now we’ve had Brexit, the government is going to scrap a lot of employment law, so I probably won’t need much help”.

Whichever side of the referendum you sat on, I’m afraid to confirm that he is wrong.

Brexiters always claimed there was a thicket of EU red tape that could be removed: Priti Patel said in 2016 that scrapping EU rules could create 60,000 new jobs.

But the reality is rather different.

In 2018, a CBI survey found that 18 out of 23 sectors favored complete alignment with EU rules, many of which are now a firmly established part of the British legal framework.

So although the government has been saying they will review employment law in this country, the truth is that precious little is likely to change, and the vision of being “free from the shackles of European snowflake law” is more mirage than reality.

This is not really a surprise, given all the other things that the government has to deal with right now!

So, if you’re thinking Brexit is the fork in the road that means HR doesn’t matter, I regret to inform you that – on the contrary – you can expect European type law to remain in this county for years to come.

And if that means you need some help, y0ou know where we are!

Employment Law Scrapped







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