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Kip McGrath Tuition is a globally recognised tuition company who prides itself on helping students achieve better school results. Owner, Schalk Meyer, oversees many tutors employed on a full and part-time basis, and therefore needed HR solutions to reflect this. With the added complication of working with children, his company’s contracts and handbooks needed to be water-tight. That’s why they called Gap HR.KipMcGrath

“Gap HR are really efficient and professional, taking the worries away for any employer. I think small businesses especially, must try to steer away from doing everything themselves, and rely on people that specialise and do it the right way.”

“We tried to do everything in-house using a solicitor who had designed our employment contracts. He was trying his best, based on all the latest legislation, but I’m sure it was not as sufficient as it should have been”.

“Every now and again we know there are changes that come out that need to be included, but our contracts and staff handbooks were not updated every time, we were just hoping for the best, hoping we don’t have any problems in the future. But we realised after a while that we would need to do it properly.”

“Carolyne came highly recommended through the Entrepreneurs Circle, and we’ve had a very professional outcome. To have things properly done and someone that specialises in looking after this, is great.”

“Obviously there is the chance that we will never need her service again, but what you’re going to save long term if things do go wrong, totally outweighs the monthly expense.”

“Gap HR made sure staff with specific requirements were covered. Some work part time, so a bog standard contract would not be suitable. The way Carolyne and her team adjusted for that, to make it legal and fair for everyone, was a good way to approach it. They don’t just give you a one size fits all type of contract.”

“They were very efficient in the way they set things up and provided us with the right paperwork. The stress and the indemnity is off my shoulders now, as I know I have a specialist looking after all that.”

“If there is a problem or question I can rely on Gap HR to sort it out for me. It reduces the risk for us, but also takes the extra admin and paperwork off my shoulders and I don’t have to worry about it.”

“Carolyne and her team are very good, so professional and helpful. We have a prompt response from them if we have a problem and they’re always willing to give me advice and send me off in the right direction.”

“I’m very happy and I’m sure we will continue to have a great relationship with Gap HR for a long time.”
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