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esl ecocleen services logoEcocleen Services started working with Gap HR in May 2013.

How were you dealing with staff issues before you started working with Gap HR?

When we purchased the business there was a member of staff who stayed on with HR experience which we utilised. As a team we also had HR experience and used this alongside the former on an ad hoc and sporadic basis.

What made you choose Gap HR as your expert advisor?

I got to know Carolyne over several months through networking, built a relationship and found I trusted her judgement. The timing and pricing were right and we also very much valued her as a straight, no nonsense person which reflected our own values.
What were your requirements when you first engaged the company?

We recognised that that we were lacking a central point of communication and with a growing franchise business, a need to coordinate and systemise how we managed our staff.
We wanted a resource that was robust, professional and gave us fallback and guidance through changing legislation.
There was a need for someone who was straight talking, clear and knowledgeable and GAP HR fitted this perfectly.
What do you think now about working with Gap HR?

The relationship works well. As with any new contract there are always wrinkles to iron out and Carolyne has worked hard with us to evolve the relationship to a point where it works well and we see her as an integral part of our team. What has been very noticeable is the way Carolyne evolved her business to improve how she supports our business.
Where Gap HR sits in between us and the franchisees is a real help to us.
What benefits has this brought?

Being in regular contact with an HR expert gives us confidence when dealing with staff. She is very happy to front up situations and find solutions in a straight and fair way.
The biggest benefit is that Carolyne has a unique talent for making HR interesting and enjoyable through her teaching which takes away all the fear about the subject.
If you’re not engaging an HR professional to deal with staff, you’re making it up and I can guarantee you’re not doing things properly. Gap HR will help you.


Sean Taylor, Director

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