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Don’t Let Employee Termination Go Wrong

SMEs work hard to grow and develop their businesses.  The very last thing they want is to be saddled with nightmare employees who don’t pull their weight, or worse.   Business owners may want to fire the employee from hell, but if the correct procedures are not followed, they could end up with a lot more trouble on their hands, such as being hauled before an employment tribunal. 

Sacking an employee is one of the most difficult parts of any manager’s job, but however it’s done, it must be handled fairly.  This particular client of Gap HR was experiencing huge problems with a member of staff who had been caught stealing and who had some serious performance issues as well.  So the owner of the business got in touch with Gap seeking a way forward.

“When I spoke to Gap, I wanted to dismiss the person cleanly without any comeback.  They were brilliant and took me through the whole process.”

Without HR behind them, small business owners can quickly flounder in these situations, even if they have a valid reason for dismissal.  With Gap HR’s advice at hand, this owner sacked his underperforming employee, and although he was threatened with being sued for unfair dismissal, this never materialised. 

It was to head off such possible events as these as well as deal with other more standard HR matters that drew this client to Gap HR.

“I brought in GAP HR straight away when I started my company.  I always knew from the outset that I didn’t want to do HR myself, I don’t want to end up in hot water!  I prefer to leave the HR side of things to the professionals.”

This client has been using Gap HR’s services for more than a year, and is very clear about the benefits it has brought both him and his business.

“Basically, they are there for me when I actually need them.  I am not an expert in the HR, I just want to run my business.  So I need someone who is going to take the worry away, provide a clear path, tell me what the options are and then I can just run the business and make objective decisions. 

“And if anything particularly tricky arises, I feel confident that Gap will give me the right advice.”

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