Caseron“I’m an accountant with a very small practice so I have a full time and a part time employee. My HR requirements are very small, but what I do have is a lot of clients who often have HR gaps themselves. I was looking for somebody who I knew who was good that I could refer on to my clients. That’s what I have with Carolyne.”

“I didn’t really have many staff issues before working with Carolyne so I did everything myself. It was okay but I know I’ve got knowledge gaps, which is why I asked Carolyne to help.”

“I used Google, which took too long and I’m not the expert in that particular field so when I took on an employee I set up a standard template and job description and contract, and I was pretty confident that they weren’t up to current legislation, which is why I wanted someone who knew what they were doing.”

“I met Carolyne at an entrepreneurs convention and I told her what I was looking for and what I was trying to do and we just clicked!”

“We’ve used Gap HR for six months now but I’m already confident that if I referred them on to my clients, which is something we’re planning to do before the end of the financial year, that she’s the right person for them.”

“Carolyne fits exactly what I needed from a HR company perfectly, she’s brilliant.”

“I now have peace of mind, I feel like I’ve got the complete package with Carolyne. I don’t have to worry about the knowledge gaps as she’s always there if I’ve got a question to ask.”

“It’s mostly that my terms of employment, my contracts and my staff handbooks are all up to date, because they weren’t. I’d take something off the internet that I thought was good enough, like every small employer does, but I knew it wasn’t, however I didn’t know why.”

“Carolyne resolves that for me. That’s something I want to use as a case study for my own clients because I know a lot of them do the same.”

“It also benefits my employees as it means they have compliant employment contracts that protect them.”
“Carolyne’s fabulous. She is efficient, they are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. They’re quick to get things done, they just tick all the boxes and are really easy to work with!”


Lisa Dickson, Founder

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